Teams & Schedules

Our ringette teams include the following divisions:


  • FUN 1 & 2 (U7 & U9) (small-area play for new young players ages 4-9) - Co-ed
  • U10 Club Team - Co-ed
  • U12 Club Team - Co-ed
  • U14 Club Team - Co-ed
  • U16 Club Team - Co-ed
  • U19 Club Team - Co-ed
  • U14, U16, U19 Competitive Teams ("Zone") - Co-ed
  • Masters (30+) - Co-ed

Where the numbers of players allow, we may form two teams in a division.

If not enough NWVRA players are available in a division to form a viable team, a merged team with NWVRA players may be formed with another LMRL association.

Each week during the September-March season, teams usually play one league game (on weekends) and have one practice (on a weekday evening).  Teams sometimes schedule extra practices during the season to provide additional training time.

Teams usually play in 2-3 tournaments a year, of which one is normally out of town and two are in the lower mainland. They also compete in Provincial Championships (U14 and above)

NWVRA Home Rinks