Volunteer and Support NWVRA!

Our teams, our association and our sport would not be possible without the dedicated effort of many volunteers every year.

In non-profit sports organizations, the membership must make financial and time contributions for the association to succeed. The financial contribution is achieved through registration fees and fundraising. The time contribution is achieved through required volunteer hours. With the hard work and dedication of all the association’s members, NWVRA will continue to grow and ensure ringette is enjoyed by all participants.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many great opportunities to support our ringette association through volunteering and sponsorship. Every year, we hold an Annual General Meeting where you can volunteer for one of the NWVRA board positions. To see the positions, please click here.

From our Come Try Ringette Events, Holiday skate, Photo Night, to our annual banquet, there are many ways to earn volunteer hours or gain experience. To find out how you can help, please contact volunteers@nwvra.ca. If you are interested in coaching, please contact coaches@nwvra.ca to apply.

Each family is responsible for a total of at least four volunteer hours. If there is more than one player from a family within a season, then the first player counts for four hours, then two hours are required per subsequent player. If the player is a new registrant, then that family is responsible for a total of at least three volunteer hours for the first year only.

We are always looking for businesses that will sponsor events, tournaments, our website, or items such as coaches’ jackets, team jackets, or hoodies. We gratefully accept auction donations of goods for our Pub Night fundraisers and banquet. If your business can donate a good or service in support of our association, please contact promotions@nwvra.ca.

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