Shot Clocks and Scoreboards

Each ringette game requires a Time keeper/Score clock operator, a Score keeper, and a Shot clock operator. For NWVRA home games, these roles are served by the home team parents!

Time Keeper / Score Clock (U10 and up)

Score Clock Operators can find instruction manuals for our local score clocks here:

Score Keeper (U10 and up)

Each team has a score keeper who keeps track of who scores and when. This is tracked on a paper form that is filled out by the Home and Away team managers with both team rosters.

Shot Clock (U12 and up)

The purpose of the shot clock is to keep the game flowing as rapidly as possible and prevent a “keep-away” game. The team in possession of the ring has 30 seconds to shoot or they lose possession to the other team.

The shot clock is reset when:

  • a shot on goal happens
  • possession of the ring changes teams
  • the ring stops in the goaltender’s crease, or
  • the ring hits the opposing goalie (a shot is taken).

If the shot clock is not reset within 30 seconds, a buzzer sounds and possession transfers to the opposing team.

The shot clock is only used in competitive levels (U12 and up).