2019-20 Powerskating Sessions

Supported by NWVRA's Player Development funding, we are offering powerskating sessions for NWVRA players through the 2019-2020 season, run by certified Power Skating instructor, Lee Boyd, of the Vancouver Skate Club.  There are 4 different levels of instruction, targeted at different skating skill levels as outlined below.

All sessions are at Karen Magnussen Arena, at 7:45 am on Sundays.

At least 10 registrants are required for the sessions to go ahead so please encourage your team-mates to register.


Levels and Schedules

FUN 1 & 2 Beginner PowerSkate

Lee will work on basic skating skills, including balance, forward and backward skating, stopping, turning and agility.  Skaters are to attend in full gear with ringette stick.

Ice times: October 6, November 17, January 12, February 9

Cost: $60

Power Skate Level 1

Four power skate sessions and one bonus ringette skills session have been set up for U10 and new U12 or U14 players (started in 2018 or later). Lee will cover forward and backward skating, forward and backward stopping and tight turns.

Ice times: October 20, November 24, December 15, January 19, February 16

Cost: $75

Power Skate Level 2

Lee will cover forward and backward crossovers, quick starts and backward-to-forward 180 pivot turns. Players in the group are likely U12 or U14B.

Ice times: October 27, December 8, January 26, February 23, March 8

Cost: $75

Power Skate Level 3

These five power-skating sessions cover fast-forward crossover starts, forward-to-backward 180 pivot turns, reverse pivot turns, and one-foot back stops with a quick start.  Time permitting, knee spin-o-rama, forward side stop/start 1ft, circle work (agility), 360 tight glide turns, reverse 360 pivot turns, forward crossover/quick change or direction also will be touched on.  Players in this group are likely high-level U14B, U14A and U16.

Ice times: November 3, December 1, January 5, February 2, March 1

Cost: $75