New Honourary Member – Vicki Thomas

NWVRA was pleased to receive a nomination this Spring to recognize former member, Vicki Thomas. Vicki was involved with NWVRA as a team manager, manager coordinator, president and past-president for over ten years.

Vicki began as a team manager and was exceptional in this role. When there was a problem Vicki would let the team coaching staff know and offer her thoughts on how to resolve it. She worked well with other team managers and the executive and knew how to put ziplock bags to incredible use!

Vicki saw a need for her organizational skills and volunteered for the role of managers’ coordinator. Under Vicki’s leadership, managers received manuals and all of the materials that they needed to do their job efficiently.

Vicki became president of the association in the late nineties. She reportedly preferred a behind the scenes role so when it came time to host the annual ringette banquet, Vicki deferred to Mike Dowling (later President of the Assoc), who later passed the job to Colin Ensworth – who you all may know as an NWVRA referee but who was also NWVRA President at one time, and later the Executive Director of Ringette BC!

Vicki’s daughter, Melanie, rose through the ranks of competitive Ringette playing on the Lower Mainland All-Star team, on the BC Winter Games team, with the National Ringette League, and on World Championships teams! Vicki was right there with her all the way, often in a team manager role.

Vicki’s nominators (Mike and Katie Dowling) report that Vicki was friendly, confident, enthusiastic, resourceful and energetic. She was a good friend and a mother figure for her team members. After Ringette, Vicki kept an eye on her Ringette children and was fondly remembered by all.

NWVRA was saddened by the news that Vicki had passed away earlier this year and is pleased to honour her memory with Honourary NWVRA Member status.

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