Dear Players and Families,


We know everyone is keen to find out more about how the upcoming season will take shape, so here is what we know so far:


Ringette is definitely coming back this fall, and even though the season will look different from last season, it’s still going to be awesome! There will be lots of funskills and drills as we focus on teambuilding, friendship and fun this year.



Like other Associations across the Province, we are taking guidance from Ringette BC and the Provincial Health Office on return-to-play protocols. We have been and will continue to work with the arenas to create a safe environment for everyone. Our commitment for the coming season is that we will be safe, responsive and adaptable to these challenging times.


For now, start getting ready to play! Every player should try on their skates and gear to make sure it fits. Players will also need to have skate guards (not wheelies) in good condition, for entering and exiting the arenas as we may not be able to use change rooms and will need to enter and leave the facilities quickly to limit contact between groups. We suggest you get some sooner than later as all on-ice sports will have the same requirement and supplies could be short in local shops.


The practice schedule is expected to be as follows:


FUN & U10 – Wednesday afternoons (Canlan Arena) OR Saturday mornings (KM)

U12 Club – Thursday evenings (Karen Magnussen Arena)

U14 Club & U16 Club – Monday evenings (Karen Magnussen Arena)

U16 Zone & U19 Zone – Saturday evenings (West Vancouver Arena)

Club and Zone ice rotation – Saturday and Sunday mornings


We hope to confirm these days and times once the arenas have formally allocated ice. That process is in the works but was delayed due to Covid.


Zone tryout times and locations will be posted once known but are not likely to occur until September.


If you are playing U14 Zone or U19 Club, your practice ice will likely be in Vancouver or Burnaby as we do not anticipate enough players to allocate ice to those groups.


Registration will open in August. Watch for notification on Team Snap, via our Website and on our Facebook page.


Coach Andrea will be coming up with training tips and related information this summer which we will post so everyone can access it—stay tuned!


If you have any questions, please reach out to us. We are counting on everyone sharing their wisdom and ideas to help us make sure we have a successful and fun season ahead!


Your NWVRA Executive Board