2021/22 Executive & Board of Directors

NWVRA held its AGM on April 27th, 2021. Due to COVID-19, the meeting was held online with assistance from Ringette BC.
A couple of members left the Board for this season. Thank you Rose Vlaar, Terry Honcharuk, Richard White, Laura Nauman, Ainsley Thor, Jackie Bowen, and Janibeth Collins for your service to the organization. Your energy and enthusiasm will be missed and we hope to see you back in a future season.
We also have a number of members who either took on new roles or newly joined the Board this season. We are pleased to announce our 2021/22 Executive and Board of Directors as follows:

President                                     Shane Jago

Vice President                            John Carley

Chief Safety Officer                   Shane Jago

Secretary                                      Jen Carley

Treasurer                                      Sam Dayal

Registrar                                       Martin Davies

Referee in Chief                           Dave Duncan

Director of Coaches                     Andrea Lowe

Player Evaluations                       Andrea Lowe

Player Development                     John Carley and Keith Yip

Fundraising & Events                  Elodie Capelle

Come Try Ringette                        Keith Yip

Ice Scheduler                                  Lauren Blaker

Equipment & Uniforms Man      Shane Jago and Andrea Lowe

Volunteer Coordinator                 Jen Carley

Web Administration                     Alex Oliveira

Zone Coordinator                          Jill Pilkington

A huge thank you to all these volunteers who help make our ringette season possible.

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